Dean Kosage, Making His Mark in the Tech Industry

Growing Up

Dean Kosage grew up moving around from one boat to the next as his family did not live in a house. This may have not been the best environment for a young kid to grow up in, but Dean managed to make the most of the situation and learned from it. Dean’s family owned several charter sailboats, which gave him the opportunity to meet many different people. Among those people he met were successful musicians, which led him to want to enter the industry. Due to the musical talent that he demonstrated from an early age, he quickly began making music videos and pursuing his passion.

Entering the Tech World

Dean Kosage

Dean Kosage knows how to make a mark in the competitive tech industry. One of Kosage’s many achievements is Zooplr, a mobile learning application that is designed to drastically improve the way people communicate and how they acquire and apply knowledge. Zooplr was built to help people access, follow, and learn from the world’s greatest minds. Zooplr combines chat, blogging, and eLearning together for the first time. Further, Zooplr elegantly organizes the world’s top lessons from the world’s top experts into one simple and easy to use mobile app. This allows you to discover and follow the experts you love while receiving up-to-the-minute notifications about their new teachings. Zooplr’s core technology was built to bundle communication, content consumption, and eLearning, the most popular mobile technologies in use today. Engaging and keeping your audience is a challenge for influences, bloggers, and coaches. Zooplr solves this problem by introducing performance-based learning to increase engagement and maximize results for the end user. Dean Kosage was able to sell Zooplr to Personally Inc. for five million dollars. Thus, it is clear that this business was extremely successful and introduced innovative ideas that had not yet been introduced into the market.

Dean Kosage shows that it is possible to find success even through hardships because during his time at Amway, he was going through a divorce and becoming a single father, yet he managed to reach Emerald status within just two years of joining. At Amway, he was even in the .002% of all MLM leaders.

Dean Kosage continues utilizing skills on the tech frontier as well as in all other fields. He is an expert in applying his skill set to each of his jobs and developing them further.

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